Welcome to FEMCAST, the podcast dedicated to the world of women, career, motherhood and everything it takes to build a successful and fulfilling career on your terms hosted by Ilina Pejoska Zaturoski.

The podcast is an extension of the conversation, resources and tools you find on this website every day. This is a podcast about exploration, failures, triumphs, courage, fear and a real talk approach to every woman’s career development and the issues and challenges women in our society face every day.

Each episode is different and we will discuss a different topic. Very often we’ll have female guests and we’ll discuss life lessons learned related to career, motherhood and family life and explore various business and career strategies they’ve discovered that we can all use in our own lives.

This podcast is about learning from the most challenging times, together. Because one thing is certain: even the most difficult moments can transform your career and life for the better.



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