About Me

Welcome to my corner of the digital world! I’m Ilina Pejoska Zaturoski, a seasoned ISVMA engineer turned senior UI/UX Designer with over a decade of experience crafting compelling digital experiences.

Alongside my design journey, I wear many hats – from hosting the empowering podcast FEMCAST to steering my own ventures as a small business owner. My e-commerce endeavor, BEBEBOX, now seamlessly integrates with my personal website, reflecting my passion for merging creativity with entrepreneurship.

As a digital specialist, I thrive in the realms of marketing, design, SEO, and online sales, breathing life into brands through strategic content creation. Technology isn’t just my profession; it’s a love affair. I approach each project with boundless enthusiasm, infusing positivity and a can-do spirit into everything I do.

Moreover, I am deeply passionate about politics, particularly advocating for women’s involvement in political spheres. On FEMCAST, I delve into topics surrounding women in Macedonia, whether it’s social or economic issues, entrepreneurship, career advancement, or the intricacies of motherhood. It’s a space where I amplify voices and champion the progress of women in all facets of life.

Beyond the digital landscape, I’m a devoted wife and proud boy mom, cherishing every moment of family life. Creativity fuels my soul, whether it’s through intricate crafts, DIY projects, or simply sharing my passions with the world. You’ll often find glimpses of my colorful journey on Instagram at ilinapejoska.mk, where I invite you to join me on this vibrant adventure.

Let’s connect, create, and inspire together!

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