DIY Bullseye-Inspired Horse Sticks Tutorial

Saddle up and get ready to create your very own Bullseye-inspired horse sticks, just like Woody’s loyal companion from Toy Story. With a bit of creativity and some readily available materials, you’ll have these adorable horse sticks ready for playtime or as charming decorations. Let’s dive into the materials you’ll need and the step-by-step process to bring these horsing around!

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Brown textile (around 10 meters)
  2. White or eggshell textile for the mane
  3. Craft eyeballs (to be hot-glued on)
  4. Light brown or beige ribbon
  5. Black permanent marker
  6. Hot-glue gun
  7. Scissors
  8. Horse head pattern (found on Pinterest)
  9. Plain sticks (from the garden or supply shops)
  10. Fillable materials (used for pillows)
  11. Bonus: Needle and thread for stitching details
  12. crafts cover – mandatory for all of our crafts

Step 1: Crafting the Horse Head

  • Begin by printing out the horse head pattern from Pinterest. Cut it out and place it on the brown textile to trace the shape. Overlap the material to avoid cutting it twice.
  • Cut out the horse head shape from the brown textile, leaving some space for filling, and glue it to the sides of the shape.

Step 2: Assembling the Horse Head

  • Hot-glue the sides, let it dry briefly, and then invert it so the glued sides are on the inside.
  • Fill the horse head with the chosen filling material and place a stick inside. Secure it by tying a ribbon around the neck area.

Step 3: Adding Facial Details

  • Use a black permanent marker to draw out the mouth and create a bridle using the ribbon.
  • Hot-glue the craft eyeballs on both sides of the head, giving your horse stick a lifelike appearance.

Step 4: Creating the Mane and Ears

  • Cut a small piece of beige textile and glue it to both sides of the head.
  • Make small cuts parallel to each other in the beige textile to create the mane.
  • Use the leftover materials from both colors to craft ears and glue them just above the eyes for the finishing touch.
  • Bonus: Add a stitiching detail around the mouth if you want a more dramatic look.

You’ve successfully crafted your own Bullseye-inspired horse sticks! These delightful creations can be used for play or as charming decorations. Whether it’s for a Toy Story-themed event or just for some horseplay, your Bullseye horse sticks will be a hit. Enjoy your crafting adventure!

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